About tink:

I am Rachel Freeman, an artist and designer working under the pseudonym tink. I am also a dreamer, adventurer, and coffee-lover who wears a constant smile. In my spare time, I read, journal, surf, run, climb rocks, play volleyball, rummage through thrift stores, dress in costume, dance, drink mimosas, tromp through the woods, and go on adventures.

I currently reside in Durham, North Carolina, but I will be relocating to the sunny city of Los Angeles in July 2014.

Blog Features:

{Currently listening to…} – The music providing my work inspiration.
{Yay or Nay?} – Your vote on innovated design. Join the conversation!
– Yummy recipes I’ve either tried or would like to.
{HELLO my name is} – Introductions to influential people in my life.
{insert me here} – A mood board (of sorts) where I share an outfit I put together, an imaginary life I created for myself, or a place I’d like to be.
{this & that} – Juxtaposition posts comparing “this piece of art and that pair of shoes” and other like parallels.
{The Weekend} – A weekly blog recap and a roundup of local NC events.
{My Design Diary} - My work as an interior designer showing completed design projects as well as before & after photos.
{Story Behind the Painting} - Stories behind the art I create.