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Ryan & a Blow Pop

This painting of Ryan, my boss’s son, served as an example for a custom painting I donated to a fundraiser auction for a local Montessori school. People bid on a custom portrait of their child made by me, and the money went to the school. You can see a bit of my process in the shots below.

photo 1

First, I draw the portrait, focusing on drawing in the highlights and the shadows.

photo 2

I paint in the background using a brush and a combination of water and acrylic paint. For larger paintings, I use spray paint. The drawing becomes a paint-by-number of sorts, so I then fill in the spaces with color!

photo 3The final touch, which makes everything pop, is the black outline. I use India ink. It goes on smooth, is easy to maneuver, and can give a range of line thickness.

Ta Da!

Be Brave. Have Fun. Let Go.




Lot of things are happening in my life this year. I don’t feel like I am where I want to be, but I am excited for big changes that are just around the corner. I won’t spoil the big secret just yet – you never know what can change – but it has something to do with the West Coast and design school…

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