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Sweetwater Surf Shop

I was recently commissioned to paint Sweetwater Surf Shop on a surfboard. The piece was different from my normal portrait painting – in style and theme – but I enjoyed the process and love how it turned out. It will hang in Sweetwater Surf Shop in Wrighstville Beach, North Carolina, so, if you are ever in the area, swing by and take a look!


I prepared the surface by lightly sanding the top of the board, and then priming it with clear gesso. I used acrylic, graphite, and paper college as well as a palette knife and rounded brushes of different sizes to create the image.

photo 5Last, I sealed the piece with three coats of Mod Podge! One coat was applied with a brush and the two other coats were spray applications. Quite a fun piece to paint!

What do you think?

Surf’s Up!

Ryan & a Blow Pop

This painting of Ryan, my boss’s son, served as an example for a custom painting I donated to a fundraiser auction for a local Montessori school. People bid on a custom portrait of their child made by me, and the money went to the school. You can see a bit of my process in the shots below.

photo 1

First, I draw the portrait, focusing on drawing in the highlights and the shadows.

photo 2

I paint in the background using a brush and a combination of water and acrylic paint. For larger paintings, I use spray paint. The drawing becomes a paint-by-number of sorts, so I then fill in the spaces with color!

photo 3The final touch, which makes everything pop, is the black outline. I use India ink. It goes on smooth, is easy to maneuver, and can give a range of line thickness.

Ta Da!

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